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Property division: Why would a spouse try to hide assets?

A California attorney who has been hired to help investigate a possible hidden asset scheme might recommend searching in several different places. Achieving an appropriate property division agreement requires full disclosure on the part of both spouses. If one of them has a tendency to be secretive when it comes to finances, it is, perhaps, likelier that he or she might attempt to beat the system by stashing cash or otherwise hiding assets in divorce. 

Some married couples share everything equally when it comes to money and other assets. Nowadays, however, it is also not uncommon for spouses to maintain separate bank accounts and conduct their financial lives independent of one another. Each couple must decide what works best for their relationship. 

Divorce: Rock band star says it ruined her physical health

California residents who divorce often have a lot to say about the process after its over. Many say they felt relieved or liberated after the final judgment was signed. Leaving a marriage, especially one that lasted many years, can certainly be difficult.

Navigating divorce often has financial and emotional consequences. The latter, some say, can lead to ill health, especially for those who either do not know where to seek support or are hesitant to do so for whatever reason. Rock band singer Hayley Williams says she stayed in an unhappy marriage for some time before her split from her then spouse.

Divorce: Ways to help children adapt

In California and beyond, many parents worry about their children. For some, a major life change such as divorce causes certain issues to surface. Children need coping skills as much or even more than parents who are navigating divorce.

It is important for children to understand that they do not have to take sides when their parents decide they no longer wish to be married to each other. Adults can help children by encouraging them to maintain active relationships with both parents. It is also a good idea to explain to children_that they are not responsible for resolving adult issues, and divorce is definitely an adult issue.

Property division: Is your wedding ring marital property?

When a California spouse decides to file for divorce, he or she undoubtedly faces many other decisions and issues that must be resolved before moving on in life. Especially for couples who have been married a long time or those who have children, property division and child custody matters can be complex and difficult to sort out. A particular obstacle may arise regarding wedding rings.

Some people choose to discard their wedding rings when they divorce. In fact, many spouses say they found it therapeutic to toss their ring into the ocean or throw it into a fire. It is understandable, however, that if a ring has a certain dollar value, a spouse may want to sell it or simply receive a portion of the value of it as part of the settlement.

The benefits of a mediated divorce

Divorce is seldom easy even when both parties agree that a breakup is best. Often a couple has bonds that involve their finances, their physical property and perhaps children as well as the difficult emotional bonds to break. Taking these and other issues through a litigated divorce may mean dredging up unnecessary hurts and creating wounds where none existed before.

This is why many California couples choose alternative dispute resolution methods instead of a traditional litigated divorce. Most often, this means going through a mediation process, which may result in a more positive and hopeful ending to your marriage.

Are you headed for a business divorce?

There are certain issues that can make the legal ending of a marriage in court more stressful than the average case. Getting a business divorce, for instance, means there are many issues partners must resolve before they can achieve a fair settlement. If a California couple has children, business issues might intersect with certain child-related matters. If one or both spouses have already executed estate plans, a divorce might prompt a need to change or update the plan.

The emotional aspect of a business divorce can also be challenging. It is difficult enough to be ending a personal relationship that, perhaps, has lasted more than a decade. Being in business with someone is a unique relationship dynamic as well, and it can cause sadness or loneliness when the partnership is dissolved.

Child custody: Police find missing child

When a California married couple decides to divorce, things can get messy if they are also parents. When disputes regarding child custody arise, it can spark contention between former spouses. In fact, in some cases, one or the other parent may do something that appears drastic, such as taking a child out of the state against an existing court order.

A Walmart store in another state was recently the scene of a arrest when a child who had been missing from California for seven months was spotted at the store with a woman believed to be her mother. There was a warrant out for the woman's arrest. When she and the child returned to the store for a second time, local police were called in. They arrested the mother and placed the child in protective custody.

California couples often divorce for these reasons

When two people marry, they typically hope their union will last a lifetime. In a perfect world, it would be so for every married couple. In reality, many relationships end in divorce, and studies show there are often common reasons spouses in California and elsewhere get divorced.

One of the biggest problems in many marriages is lack of affection and intimacy. Spouses say they get tired of their partners only wanting to talk about the kids or bills that need paid, etc. with little to no time spent on getting to know each other better and paying attention to a partner's needs. In fact, more than 2,000 people participated in a survey regarding causal factors in divorce and nearly half of them said they grew tired of the lack of affection in their relationships.

Worried that property division will be a problem in your divorce?

When a California married couple has a high net worth, divorce can be quite complex. It is not uncommon for such cases to involve disputes about property division. This state operates under community property guidelines, meaning all marital property is typically split 50/50 in divorce.

Valuation is a necessary tool, especially if the married couple seeking divorce own business assets. An accurate valuation of the business must take place before the judge overseeing the case can determine who gets what. There must also be full disclosure of all financial holdings and any other assets that would be considered marital property.

Poperty division a main concern in Courtney Stodden divorce

California readers who also happen to enjoy reality TV shows may be among fans of Courtney Stodden and her now-former spouse, Doug Hutchison. The pair made headline news when they married in 2011. Three years or so ago, they separated. Stodden says they have finally settled property division issues are merely awaiting the judge to sign off on their final divorce papers.

A unique factor in the former couple's relationship was a vast age difference, with Hutchison being 50 at the time they wed and Stodden 16. They had severed ties and reunited multiple times before actually filing for divorce. Stodden says she is retaining ownership of all the appliances and furniture from the home she shared with Hutchison during marriage.

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