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Family Law

Modifying divorce terms in California

When the dust has finally settled after a divorce proceeding is over, the hard-fought battles over custody, child support and spousal maintenance should make the final divorce decree a welcome conclusion that will provide a predictable future for all involved....

Can mediation work for your divorce?

While most television shows depict divorce as an adversarial process with couples fighting over everything from property division to child custody, the reality is that this is not the only way to settle a divorce. More and more couples are turning to mediation as an...

Calculating child support

Raising a child can be a lot of work, and it certainly is not cheap. Thus, when parents are not longer together, it is likely that one parent may require financial assistance from the other, especially when one parent has the child or children most of the time. This...

How does legal separation work in California?

Like many other states, California offers couples the option to ask a judge for a legal separation instead of a divorce. In California, a legal separation is a way in which a couple can stay legally married but still get many of the same benefits as a divorce. As part...