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Using an appraiser in a divorce

Dividing assets can be the most complex and contentious issue in a California divorce, especially if either spouse has been previously married or if the couple owns significant assets. Before deciding whether to retain an appraiser, a spouse on the cusp of a divorce...

The perils of divorcing after 50

For some couples entering their golden years, the financial landscape may be seeming a little less secure than they may have anticipated. As the rate of divorce for couples after age 50 has doubled since 1990, the phenomenon of gray divorce has garnered recent...

Will my divorce settlement include spousal support?

During your marriage, your spouse has been the breadwinner. You’ve depended on his or her financial support for years, and now that you are getting a divorce, you worry about how you’ll be able to support yourself. This has you wondering if your divorce settlement...

The advantages of ADR in divorce settlements

When the subject of divorce comes up, it often brings to mind a courtroom battle, long drawn-out fights over custody or property, and extensive emotional distress for the whole family. Fortunately, there are non-litigated options, called alternative dispute resolution...