Protect Your Investments And Business Assets

A divorce has significant financial stakes for business owners and their spouses. If you face divorce in California and have concerns about your business, the business assets attorneys at Rombro & Manley LLP are here for you. We have significant experience handling complex property division matters for clients in Manhattan Beach and throughout South Bay.

Business Assets And Community Property

In California, property acquired during the course of the marriage, including business assets, is considered community property and subject to division upon divorce. Business assets may include real estate, equipment, merchandise and other property. Before these assets can be divided, they must be identified and accurately valued.

As experienced property division attorneys, we know how to ensure our clients obtain their fair share of the marital property, whether they are business owners or married to business owners. In handling the division of business assets, we consider factors such as the property's liquidity, cost basis and any tax implications that may be involved.

The goodwill of the business, where existing, must also be taken into account. Goodwill is an intangible asset that increases the value of a company beyond the fair market value due to the owner's personal reputation and name.

We have extensive experience handling complex divorces involving the division of businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to corporate entities with multiple owners, assets and properties. We have handled divorces involving the division of dozens of real property.

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