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In cases of divorce where the court decided against joint custody and has awarded sole custody to one parent, the other parent is usually granted visitation rights. Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues or other complications, conflicts may arise. When parents can settle on agreeable visitation terms, the child can greatly benefit because the presence of both parents in a child’s life is critical to his or her growth and well-being.

The child visitation attorneys at Rombro & Manley LLP in Manhattan Beach, California, have represented clients in many child custody cases and can help you make well-informed decisions to reach an optimal visitation agreement.

Common Sources Of Conflict Between Parents

While an inability to resolve conflicts is often one of the many reasons couples get divorced, these conflicts can also continually arise throughout the divorce process. Sadly, when children are involved in the process, they can often be used as a bargaining chip for parents. Some of the conflicts that may arise during the divorce and custody processes include:

  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Unwillingness to cooperate between parents
  • Overwhelming negative emotions
  • Distrust between parents
  • Grudges and resentments over past conflicts
  • A desire to punish the other parent

How Visitation Is Determined

The court is responsible for determining child visitation terms. The court bases its decision on factors that are in the child’s best interests. Some of these factors may include:

  • The child’s health and safety, especially if there are signs of abuse
  • The child’s emotional needs
  • The child’s developmental needs
  • Whether the noncustodial parent has a history of drug or alcohol abuse

If the noncustodial parent has demonstrated any high-risk behavior, the court might order supervised visitation time.

The court will also take into consideration how involved each parent is in the child’s life and the level of stability the parent can provide. Even if one or both parents move, the children are allowed a degree of continuity if he or she can continue going to the same school and can maintain existing friendships.

Fixed Visitation Schedules

Fixed visitation schedules are often set forth by the court when the parents are uncooperative. A fixed schedule can also provide a level of continuity and routine for the child. These schedules can vary greatly. Some fixed visitation schedules may give the noncustodial parent visitation on certain weeknights or every other weekend. The court can schedule the times that visitation is to take place as well as dictate the place where visitations are to occur.

Secure Your Visitation Rights

If you are going through a divorce and custody battle, the attorneys at Rombro & Manley LLP can help. Call our office at 310-545-1900 or contact us online to meet with a lawyer and discuss your case. We can help secure your visitation rights, so you can continue to be involved in your child’s life.