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Divorce is an inherently complicated and stressful matter. The process can be even more complex during a high-asset divorce. You can count on a high-asset divorce lawyer with our Manhattan Beach, California, practice to understand the sensitive nature of high net worth divorces, and to act with the discretion required in representing such cases.

Working with experienced valuation experts and other professionals, the attorneys at Rombro & Manley LLP can help you receive your fair share of community assets. Working with these professionals will allow us to obtain a detailed knowledge of your financial holdings, which will help us guide you through court proceedings.

Assets In High-Stakes Cases

High net worth divorces involve much more than bank accounts. When considering division of property, your attorney will take all holdings into account. Assets can include:

  • Bank accounts and cash in hand
  • Your home and other real estates
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Business assets
  • Retirement funds, like a 401(k) or pension
  • Deferred compensation
  • Copyrights and patents
  • Life insurance policies
  • Artwork, antiques and other valuable collections
  • Tax refunds

With several different types of assets to be divided, our attorneys often work with valuation experts in high-asset divorce cases. These professionals can calculate the sum total of your holdings, helping you avoid costly mistakes. We may be able to help you divide your assets through negotiation. However, in many instances, high-asset divorces go to court, where the judge will award various assets to you and your spouse. Apart from your property and financial holdings, the court will also consider spousal support, lifestyle and related issues.

Our attorneys understand the intricacies of a high-asset divorce case, and are committed to a fair division of wealth for you and your spouse.

Because considerable financial calculations are involved, high-asset divorces require extensive planning. If you own considerable property and believe you are heading toward a divorce, you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Millions of dollars or more are at stake in high net worth divorces. You may also have large amounts of real estate holdings or other personal property to consider. With such high stakes, it can be difficult to make rational decisions on your own. Even financial experts can feel trapped during a divorce case. On an average, it may take about a year to complete your divorce. However, it can take longer when large assets are involved, especially if your divorce goes to court.

For these reasons, it is vital you work with a family law lawyer who is familiar with the complexities of high-asset divorces. Our attorneys understand such intricate cases and are committed to a fair division of wealth.

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We are experienced and proven high net worth attorneys and compassionate allies. We rely on a team of experienced paralegals and administrative staff to ensure that we provide each client with the most efficient and cost-effective legal services available.

If you are facing a divorce and have large amounts of property to consider, contact us for a consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer. We will evaluate all financial and personal circumstances, helping you achieve a just division of your assets.

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