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How to get through a divorce from your lying spouse

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Divorce

Do you feel like your spouse lies about everything? If so, navigating your divorce from them may be problematic. The entire process may be prolonged and conflict-ridden, which may drive you to want to quickly settle the matter at all costs. But don’t let your spouse’s behavior force you into a settlement agreement that’s contrary to your best interests.

We know that’s easier said than done. But if you can take a step back and develop a strategy for how to approach your divorce from a habitual liar, you might find that you can make the process easier while still protecting what’s important to you.

Tips for divorcing your lying spouse

So, what, exactly, can you do to prepare for your divorce? Fortunately, there are many steps that you can take. Here are some of them:

  • Secure evidence: Regardless of how your divorce plays out, your legal positions should be supported by strong evidence. But when you’re divorcing a liar, it becomes even more important to have evidence that can contradict what they’re saying. This may come in the form of witness testimony, financial records or even medical documents. Be as diligent as you can be here so that you don’t leave any wiggle room for your spouse to land their argument.
  • Write down all interactions: By taking notes about all of your interactions with your spouse, you can prevent yourself from being gaslighted when you can’t remember the details of an event. These notes will help you recall what actually happened so that you can set the record straight when you need to.
  • Try not to take it personally: In many instances, excessive lying is nothing more than a poor coping skill that individuals use to get through tough times. In other instances, the lying individual is dealing with mental health challenges. Either way, the lying that you’re seeing may not have anything to do with you. By not taking it personally, you may find it easier to get through this difficult chapter in your life.
  • Don’t give in: By giving in to your spouse’s demands on key divorce issues, you fuel the fire. Your spouse may see your caving in as vindication of the lies that they’ve been speaking, which may make them more aggressive.
  • Find small wins: With that said, if you can find smaller issues that are insignificant to you that you can let your spouse win, you may be able to placate them a bit while you focus on building your arguments pertaining to matters that are more important to you. Just don’t feel like you have to let your spouse roll over you. You don’t and you shouldn’t.
  • Find support: Going through a normal divorce is difficult enough, but the process can be even more stressful when you’re ending your marriage to a liar. To ease the stress and emotional strain, consider seeking support, whether that be from family members and friends or a mental health specialist.

Are you ready to develop your legal strategy?

There’s a lot on the line in your divorce. You don’t want to make a mistake that leaves you with less than you deserve, which very well could happen if you rush your divorce from a liar. That’s why you might be more comfortable approaching the matter if you have a strong legal advocate on your side.

If you’d like to learn more about what one of these professionals can do for you under the circumstances, please consider reaching out to a team that you think will give you the advocacy that you deserve.