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Month: March 2022

The impact of divorce upon life insurance policies

During a divorce, issues will come up which you may find confusing. Child custody, spousal support and property division are all complicated topics and you’ll likely have a lot of questions. Life insurance is something you may not initially think of but, when it does...

What are the psychological effects of divorce?

There are many concerns that couples think about before and during the divorce process. There are concerns about the children and how to keep them happy and healthy. There are concerns over their ability to afford their new single life. But, what some couples may not...

Modifying child support in California

Despite your best intentions, an issue in your life may have made it impossible for you to make your regular child support payments. However, you should not ignore these arrears. Doing so can have serious consequences. It may be possible, though, to have your child...

What happens to your small business in a divorce?

If you have a small business, you have likely invested much time and effort in making that business a successful endeavor. Despite your hard work as a business owner, your marriage may not have been as successful as your business and now you are facing divorce. The...