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Month: January 2022

How do I change a custody arrangement?

After the prolonged and often complex negotiations surrounding divorce are finished, California couples are free to move on with their lives. This may look like a different career, lifestyle, or even location. Such changes can alter the terms of the divorce, however,...

What divorce looks like in California

For couples in California and elsewhere who are heading for divorce, the changes that this momentous decision will involve will impact the rest of their lives and their children’s future as well. Understanding the process of divorce may not feel any better, but it can...

Uncovering hidden assets in a divorce

During your marriage, you and your spouse may have handled finances like many married couples in California and throughout the country, meaning you both shared equal responsibility in all things financial. On the other hand, your relationship might have mirrored those...

Divorce is largely driven by women: study

When we think about divorce, we often think about the cheating husband. Indeed, if one only got their divorce information from movies and TV, they would be under the impression that men are the primary drivers of divorce. However, in 2009, researchers sought out to...