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How to apply for child support services in California

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | Child Custody

One of the most important issues that needs to be addressed at the time of divorce and even after divorce is child support and its related services. It is important to note that either parent can open a child support services case. Also, it is not necessary for a child support order to be in place. If there is an order, however, opening a case offers neutral assistance and both parents can easily keep track of the developments.

In California, there are multiple channels through which the custodial parent can request child support services. The first is online and the second is offline, or in person.

Application for child support services

For filing an online application, a parent needs to visit the California Child Support Services website where all necessary details have to be entered. Completing the application will generally take less than one hour. If required, certain documents may have to be uploaded.

The other method of applying for child support services is in person. The parent seeking the services needs to download a form from the official website. The parent then needs to complete the application and submit it to the local child support agency. The parent may also walk in to his or her nearest county child support office or regional child support office.

Child support is in the child’s best interests

Child support is meant to ensure that a child receives what rightly deserves. Unfortunately, despite all efforts on the part of custodial parents and child support agencies, receiving timely child support payments can be a challenge. In order to ensure that such irregularities do not harm the best interests of the child, it may be a wise decision on part of the parent to seek help from an attorney experienced in child support and other family law matters.