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Know how to prepare for divorce settlement negotiations

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Divorce

Do you want to get your divorce over as quickly as possible? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people just want to get past this chapter of their life so that they can focus on the future ahead. But rushing through your divorce can leave you vulnerable to exploitation during settlement negotiations, thereby leaving you in a disadvantageous financial position. That’s why you really should carefully consider your negotiating strategy before sitting down with your spouse to discuss resolution.

Know this before starting negotiations

There’s so much to consider during divorce that it can become overwhelming. By streamlining your focus, though, you can better position yourself for success. To better do so, know each of these items before engaging your spouse in settlement talks:

  • What you really need and what you just want: It can feel like you need a lot of things while you’re going through divorce, but put some thought into what you absolutely must have for your post-divorce life to be successful. Then, consider what you want. By identifying these issues you develop a framework for your negotiation strategy.
  • Do the same analysis for your spouse: If you can identify what your spouse must have post-divorce, then you’ve got a leg up and might be able to use that knowledge as leverage during the negotiation process. It can also give you some time to come up with creative ways to satisfy your goals and your spouse’s.
  • The proper tone: Divorce can be nasty or it can be amicable. Either way, make sure you’re approaching negotiations with the proper tone. Coming off too aggressive can stall talks and lead to otherwise preventable litigation, whereas being too standoffish can lead to you being financially taken advantage of by your spouse.
  • Know your limits: A lot of people push too hard for resolution at their own expense. By knowing what terms are a nonstarter for you, you know when to walk away and won’t be duped into agreeing to something that isn’t in your interests.

Be prepared to stand up for your future

There’s a lot on the line in a divorce. That’s why we encourage you to be prepared, holistic, and aggressive when necessary as it pertains to addressing your divorce legal issues. If you think that you could benefit from develop your divorce legal strategy, then you should take comfort knowing that skilled legal professionals stand ready to help.