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Veronica R. Woods


Manhattan Beach, CA





Veronica has successfully navigated the various roles of an attorney in and out of the courtroom, proving to be a strong and knowledgeable advocate for her clients.

Veronica has a strong financial background utilizing her Masters of Law in Taxation when working on intricate family law matters such as property division, support and various family law monetary issues.

Veronica enjoys practicing law for many reasons such as the challenge of problem-solving issues, applying the law correctly, and reaching a fair resolution that works for the individual. Veronica’s first approach is to attempt resolution out of court. The benefit to participating in a negotiation step is that clients are able to be involved in what works for their family. Veronica has participated in many Voluntary Settlement Conferences before private judges that have proven to be very beneficial for clients.

All efforts are made to resolve cases prior to litigating in court, however, if no amicable resolution can be reached, Veronica will diligently represent all clients to the conclusion of their case as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Veronica will diligently represent you in court. She has appeared in countless court appearances from small matters through and including lengthy trials, all with an impressive track record.

Each case is different because of the client! Every client is treated differently because every family is different. Veronica does not apply a one-size-fits-all approach to cases. Each case is important and handled with the utmost care.

Veronica is an attorney of experience who combines her many years’ worth of skills with the sensitivity and compassion necessary to address the often difficult and emotional issues in family matters.

Areas Of Practice

  • Family Law 100%